PYRO WARS is the most exciting thing to happen to the Fireworks Industry since the Roman Candle – a fireworks competition that allows the public to determine the winner .....

Stay tuned for an announcement on our next competition! We are currently re-tooling and building new equipment.

Pyroboyz "Pyro Wars" Photo Gallery

Oct 8, 2016 Pyroboyz held our first ever “Pyro Wars” Competition It was a huge success Thank You to all of the 2000+ people that showed up The food vendors sold out of food, and the shows went great We hope the heat from the fireballs helped warm a pretty cold night At the bottom there is a video link from Jeff – 1 of the “Pyroboyz – he loves to blow $#!+ up and record it too !!!

3 inch half and half

4 inch blu fall lvs

5 inch blu with red pistil


Time warp distrubia


The Big 12" Shell!

Pyroboyz “Rocket” fireworks delivery system that helps deliver the big 12″

Faces have been removed for your viewing safety, but – this is a 12″ shell prior to exploding

The big 12 inch shell!