This is what you would call a Serious Pyro – Tee loves his explosives

Tee riding on motorbike to get their fireworks!

Pyroboyz have a new T-Shirt delivery system – look for us at some events firing off Free t-shirts into the crowd!

Tee-shirt firing tank woes crowds!
Tee-shirt firing tank woes crowds!

Pyroboyz have a new fireworks delivery system, and a new vehicle to deliver it !!!

Giant rocket fireworks, 12 inch rocket
Army Truck delivering huge fireworks rocket

And here is the 12″ shell that is fired from this baby...

12 inch spanish shell


Behind the scenes at a Pro Fireworks show – includes the KFC!!

The Pyroboyz helping make the Bordercats night a success

Check out the video we made when we visited the suppliers in the summer of 2013

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